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first aid & CPR

Instructor: Francesco Montanaro

This course is geared towards:
Daycare Educators, Parents, Babysitters, Day Camps, Employers
or their Employees or Individuals

Sessions from: 8:00 - 5:00pm (daycares)
8:30am - 4:30pm (general first aid)
Call for info on the next open session or reserve one today! (Max 12 participants)

Course offered at Recreation FUNTIME.

8 Hours First Aid, AED, Anaphylaxis, CPR: A complete course How to save a life, recognize, prevent and treat injuries. Certified and Licensed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation

$60.00 plus tax per person (first aid book not included). Group rates $50 plus tax per person (first aid book not included) (min 6 participants). $25 to purchase a first aid book. Book a group of 12 participates and yours is FREE! To reserve, call (514) 323-4455 or email us at

pamphlet pdf Download the flyer here !

You can also: • Rent a lifeguard • Rent a First Responder • Training: BLS/AED/FA/AP • Sale of materials

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